Thursday, March 5, 2009

Book clubs and box springs

Last night was my book club. I had sort of forgotten about it so I didn't feel fully prepared. I would have liked to have bookmarked things, highlighted, made notes, been my typical type A-OCD self. Oh well, at least I read the book!

Half the people forgot their books so it was just fine. There was about 16 of us and we read The Shack.

I had just finished reading it on my own time when they announced it was the next book club selection so I was really stoked to discuss it.

Plus we have wine, sparking cider, homemade cookies, and a lot of refreshments.

We ended up talking for over two hours and by the end I was anxious to get out and pick out new bedding for the bed Jerad was bringing home so I flew out at the end when they were announcing the next book. Now I can't remember what it was! Four Cups of Tea? Three Tee Times? Noooo friggen clue.

I miss working at Borders. I miss hearing the first word of a book title and knowing exactly what the book is, and where to find it. I have no idea what is on the best seller list anymore. I'm out of the loop. Then again, In this economy thank God I don't have a retail based job right? Yeash. I don't even buy books at Borders anymore, I try to support our little local book stores and libraries. Or if I'm feeling lazy/cheap I use Amazon.

Tell me what my next book club reading is so I don't have to look like an idiot. Tina, you watch Oprah, you must know?

Since we are strictly sticking to our Dave Ramsey budget system, I have to create our new guest room out of like $5 or something like that since I hadn't actually budgeted for it. Luckily I have a ton of gift cards (nah nah nanana take that budget!). So with my belly full of cookies and sparkling cider, and my mind mulling with stimulating conversation I headed over to Kohls after my book club to focus on bedding.

Do you ever watch the show Clean House? Well, a big part of my yard sale profits would come from bed sets. I have all colors and styles. However luckily instead of storing them across my living room floor they are folded nicely in a linen closet:) With all the bedding I have, of course none of it will fit a twin size bed.

Since Kohls clothes are always like 95% off, I thought shopping there was a good plan. Eff man, not only are they freaking expensive, they carry butt ugly bedding! Or at least they only had the fugly stuff in stock last night.

After an hour of digging I finally found a decent sheet set and a mattress pad on sale and after my gift card ended up spending about $3. The sheet set is actually soft and will match a full sized duvet cover that I already had. I'm not too stoked with the ensemble, but it will work temporarily.

The bad news is I hate the bed we got. Hate it.

It was just a cheap CHEAP plain black rot iron day bed that we got on Craigslist to hold us over until we saved up for a white trundle bed. Because we wanted to be financially responsible and not step outside of our budget or take any money out of savings. Ugh.

Its not that it isn't the bed that I wanted. Its that its allll wrong for the room/our house. People always come over and like our house and my decorating. Well, its because I work really hard at it and don't throw random crap into rooms. That's basically what we did this time. I wish we had gotten a simple white headboard like this or this instead:

there were a million for about $20.

BUT I couldn't find any cheap mattresses. Plus we would have needed a bed frame.

The bed we got was a frame, mattress, and box spring for $50. And it turned out to be from someone we knew so I was going to catch a deadly disease.

The bed we got will work in the meantime, and its not forever, but it makes me want to change the paint on the walls. Which makes Jerad twitch. We really should spray the frame another color. Even grey would help. It isn't helping that the room isn't put together yet, everything is thrown around and it is a small room. It was a good sized office, or nursery. Bedroom is a stretch. Once its organized that should help.

Maybe I'll hang some curtains in front of the bed to soften the black? I'm just going to think of this as a challenge. This is going to be my project tonight. No matter how long it takes.

Our guestroom theme is shabby chic.

Our new guestroom office theme is going to be shabby cheap.

Let your imaginations run away with that.

I'll post pictures and a break down of costs tonight or tomorrow.


Big M said...

OK, EASY solution: spray paint the bed frame white. That will totally hold you over and make you happier in the meantime. Secondly, what is this book club and why am I not invited? Do you know how much I love to read? Do you know that my house is the local lending library? I want to be part of the book club! Please please please. How do I get invited?

Steph said...

Well, I don't want to get too comfortable with the bed because its not permanent. I want a nice bed that is staying. Beadboard? Sleigh? Poster? Def trundle. If its a bit of an eye sore I'll make sure not to spend money on crap I don't need at target so I save up for one I want:)

The book club is actually at my gym. Its my little escape. No one I know goes. Its my "me time." Well, one of them. I also go to Alanon just cause I like the camaraderie.

Beth McDermott said...

shotty non shabby cheap guestroom saturday!! hahahahahah
ps its good for the rest of society's morale if u dont have every room of your house perfect all the time. over achiever.