Monday, March 2, 2009

Blueberries, Ear Infections, Bbq, Beets, Bigamy...

And that about sums up my weekend!

It has been brought to my attention that you are preschoolers with short attention spans and you need more pictures to keep you focused, I will try to oblige.

Thursday night while Jerad slept off his pain I was watching 30 Rock

And Hell's Kitchen (loooove Gordon Ramsay)

while texting Tina. On Hell's Kitchen they had to make breakfast and I was having the hugest craving for pancakes and almost got up and made pancakes at 10 at night. By almost, I mean that I went in the kitchen, got out all of the ingredients and a pan and had an internal struggle. I even pictured that little Weight Watchers fuzzy Orange monster guy!

Then I thought, um, I'm not on W.W. so who cares right? But, I decided to have a modicum of self control and chewed on the couch pillow instead.

Bright and early Friday morning I got up and made a little slice of heaven:

AKA three cakes of heaven:

Homemade blueberry pancakes, slrrrrrrrppp! That was me licking the screen. Dang I love breakfast. That's why I don't eat it. I wouldn't be able to stop:)

After getting progressively worse, going home sick on Thursday and calling out on Friday, meaning that he worked a total of 4 hours last week, Jerad went to the doctor. He has a triple threat ear infection (that wasn't the medical term). Anyways apparently its super rare for adults to get ear infections this bad unless they get reoccurring ones. Which he does not.

Because it was all the way in his inner ear, onion juice wouldn't help. His Dr. was very impressed with his clean sinuses, thanks Neti pot! Also, because it was so deep, it kills him to swallow and he lost 12 pounds last week since he couldn't eat anything. The doctor wrote him a prescription for vicodin since the pain was so bad it kept causing him to throw up. Well, Jerad can't swallow pills (wuss) so he has to grind them up and mix them with water then swallow them. This makes them waaaay more potent because they don't slowly dissolve.

If you take your pills this way, you should tell your doctor and make them write you a prescription for another form of medication. Since most doctors actually don't know very much about pharmaceuticals, I mean how can they med school and pharmacy school are the same length, they will usually just tell the patient to suck it up and learn to swallow the pill instead of calling the pharmacy or researching an alternative. By the time the Doctor was ready to write his prescription for an antibiotic and vicodin Jerad had been there for 2 and a half hours and just wanted to leave so he didn't want to ask for anything special and just high tailed it out of there.

He doesn't usually even take Tylenol, so the Vic. should have been super super potent. Ya, he crushed up 2 and they didn't even take the edge off. Poor baby.

The rest of Friday he spent dying on the couch until I drug him to SLO to try out Tina and Tom's wedding caterer. It is BBQ, so even though he hasn't been able to eat all week (he's lost 12 pounds), he "suffered through" and quite enjoyed himself.

On the way there we were talking about getting married and what we would register for. We seriously don't need ANYTHING since we have a fully decorated house, backyard full of furniture, camping stuff and multiple sets of dishes. I said that I would want a bunch of new kitchen towels and over sized coffee mugs because all of our nice kitchen towels have somehow turned into car rags or migrated off somewhere and the matching coffee mugs we have aren't the nice over sized roundy ones that fit so nice in your hands.

So, after we tasted the food at the caterer, which by the way we gave 5 stars! We headed over to Costco where Jerad bought me 10 brand new, adorable, over sized, kitchen towels! So, now as long as he gets me some cute mugs, we don't really ever need to get married! I mean, he already got me my KitchenAid so... that's why ppl get hitched right? The presents? Just kidding. It was funny though that we found those towels RIGHT after talking about it. He just felt bad because the boots that I I had been begging him to get me there for MONTHS were gone.

Saturday I made Sick Boy some more Stinging Nettle tea because "it doesn't taste right if he does it himself," and walked down to the park to farmer's market. I got all sorts of goodies!

Organic canned tomatoes, organic chili sauce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, beets w/ the greens, strawberries, red leaf lettuce, and a HUGE bunch of cilantro. For like $13. I am super excited about all the things I am going to make with this stuff this week, especially a new beet recipe!
Sunday I went on "cleaning binge '09." Every weekend is sort of a cleaning binge, but since Jerad had been so sick I sort of went all out, took everything off the counters and steam cleaned them, steamed couch and, washed all the bedding, floors, ALL the laundry, dusted... one of those days. I broke out a lot of my old CD's and had a trip down memory lane which was fun:

Once everything was spiffed up, it had started raining, so I let in the dogs who promptly started shedding and getting muddy footprints on the floor. Le sigh.

Did you see Big Love last night? OMG? What is UP with Nicki????

And seriously, Kathy, dead?

She annoys me, but Wanda is worse so I didn't want them to knock off Kathy!
Ahh bigamist's lives are so much more interesting than mine!

I also watched Celebrity Apprentice (hey, I was worn out from all that cleaning). I was annoyed, but at the same time so drawn in. That annoying red head poker bitch is going to keep me coming back for more! Plus Clint Black is on. Jerad needs to get better so I stop watching so much TV.

He did make it back to work today so that's a start!


Beth McDermott said...

duuuuude!!! big love spoiler alert! wtf>!?!!?>!?!?!?! i am SOOOO demoting you to third wife status in my fantasy world. just for that... i hope jerad is sick for an extra week so you have to take care of him around the clock.

Steph said...

Well I didn't write what was going on with Nicki! And who knows, maybe Kathy isn't really dead... she is like fake dead. I'm pretty sure it showed her dying last week in the preview anyways btw so hate the preview makers, not me!!!

And if we are modeling our lives after Big Love, I'd rather be the third wife anyways because Margene is waaaay hotter and quirkier than Nicki:)

Big M said...

What????????? What is this "Big Love" fest I am missing out on?

Steph said...

You mean that all the times Dom and Beth and Tina and whoever say "sister-wife" you just smile and nod and have noooooo idea what we are talking about?

wild man.

you are missing out.

Big M said...

Yesssss, I just always thought it was some inside joke...which apparently it kinda is. Since I am going to "Estrogen Fest '09" with you guys will you let me in on it?? Pweeeeeezzzz??

Steph said...

Ya, really can't explain it. Its just a bigamist thing. Watch the show. You can get it on Netflix. You wont be disseminated, even Jerad got sucked in.

Steph said...

Hahaha spell check wrote "disseminated" it was supposed to be disappointed

Big M said...

Ok, I'm honestly going to feel pretty weird about typing "Big Love" into Netflix search...I'll have to remember I did it so I don't accuse Larry later of trying to put porn in our queue :)

Misguided Mommy said...