Thursday, March 19, 2009

Highlights of my life the last week.


Roasted and seasoned red, gold and purple potatoes, steak, homemade french bread.

Salad with boiled and chilled beets, feta cheese, and salmon:

Daffodils from the boy:

My little sister Addy spent the night and we made her blueberry pancakes.

I guess she liked them?

Her and I went shopping and I found 101 things I really really wanted, but none of them were in the budget so I oohed and ahhed and bought nothing. Then after dropping her off I got my first EVER speeding ticket. And I've been pulled over about 14 times now.

I figured I deserved it, the cop was nice... but I was still pissed. After being so frugal and responsible for months now, it is basically like throwing $200 away (or whatever the ticket will be).

Jerad on the other hand thought it was hilarious and is relieved that I finally have joined the ranks of official law breaker. Since the CHP only wrote me up for going 10 mph over, hopefully hopefully it won't be too huge of a ticket?

In other Jerad news, he developed a full body rash on account of all the unnecessary penicillin coursing through his veins since the first doctor diagnosed him wrong. He looks like he has head to toe poison oak, and itches about as much. He sleeps about 30 min per night.

Our lives freakin rock right now.

Once a month I get together with Jerad's mom for a craft day. That was Sunday. Usually I am really productive, but for some reason I just drug my feet and only got a few scrapbook pages done. Maybe it was because I've been sleeping next to a rolling, signing, itching, mono ridden rash boy? Who knows. I had a lot of fun though and next month we are starting working on a quilt.

Jerad and I collectively decided that he could sew it instead of me since he sews better anyways. I love hand sewn things, but I have always had a grandmother or mother in law to do it for me so I never aquired the talent. Plus I'm sort of impatient. I think Jerad is more of a perfectionist and has probably done more sewing in his life so this works better for everyone. He can let his softer side out, his mom can bond with him over the quilt, and I get it when they're finished.... I mean and I can fetch them stuff:)

Monday was Kari's birthday.

There was no night ending "with me spending the night at Kari's and doing the walk of shame in yesterday's clothes to Beth's house at about 7:30am the next morning." Like last year. There was girls, pizza, amazing cake, conversation, beer and wine. Yes please.

Although I didn't over drink and strand myself this time, I did forget my purse and I've been too lazy to get it all week which has meant that Jerad gives me little allowances. I like being a kept woman. Beth is being nice enough to bring it my my work today because she knows I will probably never come get it.

The plans for this weekend are:

Quite the eclectic mix.

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