Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sneak Peak

I forgot to post the "before" so, here ya go!

John Deere Office/Music Room:

Second Guestroom/Office.
I went with the blue.

I felt like the light green organic bedding blended into the walls too much, but didn't actually match. And the bright green didn't fit in with the other two bedrooms. This was a nice contrast, fit with the rest of the house, yet was different at the same time.

I bought pillows at Ross, and the bed frame which came with a mattress and box spring on Craisglist. We decided not to use the box spring (the frame doesn't need one) and stored it in the basement. I had everything else already.

Pillows: $15.98
Bed $50

Total: $65.98


misguided mommy said...

no fair, you totally showed it to us from different views this time. the way you did it this time it clearly looks better with the blue! you made the right choice!

Rachel said...

I didn't see it before but I thought it looked awesome. Great choice!

Sarah Griffin said...

did you really pick out books that had blue on their covers to match the decor? i love it, though.. looks really good. especially like the color of the walls, so bright and sunny.

Steph said...

I have a TON of books in bookcases in our basement. So since I was looking for things to decorate with that I already had, I went through and picked out a few blue ones:)