Monday, March 16, 2009

Estrogen Fest '09

Estrogen Fest '09

Started with going to Sephora with Tina and Beth and having our Makeup done. They were both celebrating their birthdays:)

After that it was off for some frozen yogurt and french fries. Mmmmmm!

Then we met up with Rachel and Melinda and handed out photo scavenger lists.

Then it was time for wine tasting! Apparently this is the only pic I took of Penman Springs

Then Tobin James

Dinner at Applebees:

And that was that! I had a really great time, and Beth took some really great pics that maybe she will get around to posting someday.

Tonight I am going to a girls night at Kari's house. Last time I tried that, I ended up having to spend the night in her guest room, then doing the walk of shame up the street the next morning to Beth's house. Which was kinda awk since it was like the 2nd time I had met her (Kari). I'm crossing my fingers for this time. Either way I know tonight will be fun and I'm counting down the minutes, Monday's at work always DRAG!


Beth McDermott said...

I will protect you tonight. Promise.

Aaaand, thanks again for a great time... I DO have those pics... Tyson updated my computer and when I imported the pics they went to a spot I cant find... because im technologically retarded like that... I promise ill blog it in the nearish future.

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