Sunday, March 8, 2009

Narrowed down to three!

Good morning readers! AKA sukas!
Jk, I'm just enthralled with your patience. You'd think I'd have to post some naked pics of something to keep you coming back. Anywho, we left off here with me still trying to pick a bedding.

I didn't have too much time, so online shopping was out. Also no point going to San Luis. Paso was my only option. I went to Kohls, Ross, Walmart, and Target. I found two oh-so-soft pillows at Ross, and a Mattress pad and possible sheet set at Kohls. Everything else at Ross. I decided to just buy both sets I was thinking about, bring them home, look at them in the room, and return the one I didn't like.

Option #1: Organic Target Bedding. Linen Feel, soft muted colors.

Option #2: Target "bed in a bag." Has Cute bag and dust ruffle too. BRIGHT colors.

Its also Reversible:

Option #3. I had all of this stuff at home already (for a full size bed)

The clearance sheets I found aren't the perfect color, but they sure are soft:

Jerad and I completely disagreed on what choice we should make, what do you think? I'll post what we went with later. And if you've seen it, don't spoil it:)


misguided mommy said...

number two easily. that one is the cutest PLUS REVERSABLE and later when you get a white bed that will be the prettiest on it.

(also, seriously the black bed, honey get some spray paint stat!)

Jules said...

I like #3. Its whimsical:)

lucinda! said...

since you hate the metal, couldnt you pad it and cover it with a fabric? youve got a sewing machine so it shouldnt be too hard. make it velcro at the bottom and spray the legs a color that matches. just a thought. as for the quilts i love muted colors over bright ones. i like the room to feel like a sanctuary, my escape form all of the craziness going on elsewhere

lucinda! said...

oh and you can make a duvet cover out of sheet that you like.