Thursday, March 5, 2009

It sucks for you that I'm so one track minded.

Remember last year when we were remodeling our house and I posted like 50 bajillion posts about curtains and tiles and "should I chose this or that?" and "ooh i picked out this today!"

Ha, totally sucks that we're doing another room huh?

Anyways I am soooo in love with Pottery Barn's Piper Organic Bedding:

Seriously, how happy is that? Way more than I want to spend, but for our room I'd love it! Gah, they don't make it anymore:( Too bad, way cute.

Oh my lunch break I went to Ross and Target and bought two other bed ensembles to choose between the one I had and the sheets I got yesterday. We will put the room all together, then make the bed and see what looks best then I will return the other two.

The walls are a bright buttery yellow now (I'll post before and after pics later), and the sheets I got were a blue paisley to match a white with blue and teal accent duvet cover I had. The only problem is the duvet is for a full size bed and the design is centered so I have to make sure it doesn't look funny. Today I also bought an organic muted green and brown comforter and sheet set with a flower design, and a bright and busy patterned green white and brown set that I almost bought for our room before I went with the black and white. Hopefully I love one of them!


Beth McDermott said...

i was TOTALLY going to suggest ross on the last post and spaced.
what about ebay for the discontinued pb bedding?

Steph said...

I am a Ross-a-Holic. They have seriously downgraded their selection on bedding tho.

Also apparently twin bedding is non existent and they don't even make it in every pattern!

I checked ebay:) $189... and they only have King size. I found it a few other places online for about the same price. Doesn't fit my $5 budget haha

Misguided Mommy said...

just so you know, my husband is totally going to KICK YOUR ASS for showing me this because now i have to have it.
1. it is organic
2. it is goddamn fucking beautiful

biiiig trouble missy!

Beatrice Blount said...

I am seriously in love with that bedding that is apparently nowhere to be found. Also, why do you torment me with pictures of pink cupcakes every time I see a comment you've made?!?