Monday, March 9, 2009

Puss balls and penicillin

After I blogged about Jerad finally getting better last week, he promptly took a turn for the worse. His ear started hurting again, except instead of just one ear, it was both ears. Then his throat got so sore he couldn't swallow. He felt like his sinuses were draining down his throat.

I kept telling him, it has to be your sinuses. Rinse your sinuses. If its your ears, and throat and (eeeeew) draining, its your sinuses! So he rinsed and rinsed even though nothing came out.

Sunday I went with him to the doctor so I could make sure that he remembered to relay all of the facts, and for the love of god mention that he can't swallow pills and needed liquid medication. If he actually feels bad enough to go to the doctor, he will just sit there and not really tell them anything or ask any questions which isn't the most helpful.

First the Dr. looked in his sinuses and was very impressed again with how clean they were, then the ears and said there was no infections there, then the throat where the cancerous blob was forming. Holy eff. I got to see it and my goodness, no wonder he can't eat or breathe! Its called a Peritonsillar Abscess. Basically a huge puss ball abscess blocking his airway. Hope you weren't eating breakfast!

The Dr. told him that the treatment was going to be a ton of BIG penicillin pills a day for 16 days, and since I had made death threats, Jerad mentioned that trying to swallow pills made him gag and he pretty much couldn't do it.

So the Dr. walked out of the room and hollered to the nurse, "Good news, you do get to see his butt!"

So she returned with a big needle, asked him to drop his pants and said "remember, you wanted this, not me."

The shot wasn't painful and since he asked so nicely the doctor was able to figure out what the adult dose would be for liquid penicillin and liquid Tylenol w/ Codeine in case he needed it. The pharmacy techs were all confused making it also and it took forever. BUT, he can actually take it and should be getting better soon.

I'm glad they actually figured out what was wrong with him, and it wasn't that the ear infection spread to both ears. His Dr. said that we needed to be super careful these next couple of days because the throat cancer (as I like to call it) can all of a sudden grow really fast and block the airway completely requiring an emergency ER surgery. Nice.

I talked to him at lunch and couldn't recognize his voice, I thought it was an 80 year old jewish smoker calling to see how my day was going. My bad.

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Beth McDermott said...

This was one of my favorite posts. I like puss... I want to see it! Grosssss I know. Glad the mystery is solvedish