Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Firemen and Flight

If you know us at all, you will know that I swoon over firemen and Jerad swoons over airplanes.

Today both of our dreams came true.

My job put us through a 4 hour CPR/AED course lead by 2 very very hawt Firemen. I restrained myself from feigning the need for mouth to mouth.

One of Jerad's co workers is a pilot and is taking him flying for a few hours tonight and then this Saturday Jerad and Tyson are going on a 2 hour flight lesson.

Today was a gooooood day.

I have kept a current CPR certification since I was 13 but never ever has the class been led by Firemen. It is like God finally heard my prayers!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just now looking through your blog and I'm so jealous. Hot firemen, fresh basil, and a day out with the girls? Whaaa...