Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good

The present that Shannon sent me in the mail today. A reusable shopping bag (I love love love these!!!) Organic chocolate, and sunflower seeds. This present is 210% me. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!

Homemade french bread:

Spring arriving! Our orchid tree is beginning to bloom:

And all the tulip bulbs I planted in the window box last year have come up:

The first blooms of springtime:

The Bad

This is what I came home to today:

This would be a $40 dog bed:

Dirt from the palm tree:

I guess the dogs are at the end of their non exercised rope since Jerad has been so sick. We've only been on two or three hikes in the last two weeks instead of the usual almost daily romps in Peachy Canyon.

The Ugly

Jerad got much sicker over the weekend.

Much sicker. This is how he spends his days. And nights since he can't sleep in bed laying down.

We went to the doctor on Sunday who diagnosed him with a Peritonsillar Abscess. It hasn't gotten better and he got to the point today where he could barely breathe. He had to leave work yesterday after only 4 hours, and call out today. I left after lunch and we went to a throat specialist who said nope, no peritonsillar whatever, its a bad case of tonsillitis and maybe mono. Schweet.

Then off to the lab for bloodwork.

Then the pharmacy where we decided to wait for his iodine drops prescription since it would only be 30 min. After 40 they told us, JUST KIDDING, they actually didn't have any. Fuckers.

An hour and a half later after conquering Hell-Mart I had his meds and tonight he is finally feeling some relief.

For dinner I made Jerad homemade 3 potato-basil soup then blended it so he could actually swallow it. It tasted delish, but the purple potato gave it a weird color when blended. More like split pea soup.

I made me this:

Caprese salad and homemade french bread. Mmmmmm.


misguided mommy said...

Yay! I'm glad you got your gift.

Mmmm capresé yes please! I could eat basil till I died!

Beth McDermott said...

Stephanie Brown, will you marry me?

I know im not the proposal you were holding out for, but hopefully I can be second best.

Your cooking and nurturing skills are unsurpassed, lets garden off into the sunset together.

Make me the happiest woman alive.


Steph said...

Ooh Beth, you always know just what to say! Also btw you are my second proposal this week, the last one was pity proposal tho. He did compliment my hair and boobs first so that was nice. It was over instant messenger and only cause I was having a bad day at work which sort of took away from the romance haha. Still, its nice to keep my options open!