Thursday, September 22, 2011


That's what time Marshall finally went to sleep. Holy hell!

Around 8:30 Jerad left his room to try making him a bottle. In the short amount of time he was gone (under 2 minutes) Marshall worked himself into a terrified frenzy. It wasn't a mad cry, or a hurt cry, or a throwing a fit cry... he just sounded terrified. So maybe this whole new bedtime thing is a separation anxiety issue and just happens to be coinciding with the teething. Who knows.

Jerad brought him downstairs and we turned out all the lights and put on a movie (UP) and I held him in my lap. By some miracle he stayed there snuggling for about 45 minutes. He probably would have stayed longer, but the baby kept kicking him and he got tired of telling me "hey!" without it having any effect. Miller isn't even out of the womb and they are fighting...

He ended up eating a banana, and a tortilla with hummus plus probably 8 ounces of keifer. This is after eating dinner 3 hours earlier! Today he ate:

Smoothie made w/:
3/4 C yogurt
1/2 apple including core
1/2 banana
1/2 carrot
tablespoon almond butter
teaspoon flax seeds
handful of spinach
piece of cauliflower
1/2 c oatmeal w/ few tablespoons blueberries

freeze dried mango
handful of raisins and cranberries
6 oz raw milk
Leftover garlic mashed potatoes (1/4 c maybe?) w/ coconut oil mixed in
1/4 c chicken breast w/ sauteed fajita veggies
few table spoons steamed peas

3/4 c. keifer

1/2 hard boiled egg
1/2 apple
4 oz raw/almond milk mixture

grilled cheese sandwich with onion and avocado
1/2 c. tomato soup
slice of pear

I don't have another kid to compare him to, but that's a lot of food right? I think thats more than I ate today... he's eaten like that since he was less than a year old. Another reason why some more teeth would be nice:)

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Lawrence Hart said...

That does seem like a lot of food for a toddler. I ran across this post in my diet research that i thought was interesting. It made me think more about how what I ate was affecting how much I ate. I recommend it. It talks about a study with 12 year old boys and how what they ate for breakfast and lunch affected how much food they ate in the day.