Thursday, September 22, 2011


Marshall is teething. I've had my suspicions for awhile but today I got a quick look in his mouth and he has 4 new molars, there could be other new teeth that I didn't see as well. Poor kid! In all honesty though, I''m excited. He doesn't have very many teeth. On the bottom he just had the 2 front, then the 4 front on the top. That's all! He eats a lot of food that some eye teeth and molars would really help with so we've been hoping he'd get them soon.

The first thing that tipped us off was when Jerad went into his room one night and Marshall was gnawing on his bed. The past few nights he's been eating our furniture too, which would be pretty funny if it weren't for the teeth marks. He's been a little extra clingy, and wanting only really soft foods, but for the most part a little chamomilla calms him down. Bedtime the past few nights has been hard... remember, we're pretty spoiled. Usually we eat dinner, he plays in the bath for awhile, we put on his pj's, hand him a pacifier, turn on his music, then he plays in his room quietly for a few minutes before climbing in bed and falling asleep.

The last week or so he has not wanted to go to sleep alone. He doesn't want us to cuddle, or rock him, or lay in bed with him, but if someone isn't sitting quietly in his room he loses it. First of all, sitting in a dark room at night is BORING... and sometimes something like that isn't practical because we have other things we need to get done. The whole time I'm sitting there I'm going crazy running my never ending to-do list through my mind. I know its just a phase and someday I'll think it's kind of sweet, but right now its driving me crazy.

Jerad has been working late the last few nights so I've been doing bedtimes solo. Tonight he's home and has been hanging out in Marshall's room for the last hour or so (sucka!). I think it wouldn't be so bad if he wanted to snuggle or something, but we have to literally just sit there and not move or talk otherwise he will work himself into hysterics. We aren't interested in letting him CIO (cry it out), but even if we were, I don't think he's the kind of kid that approach would work on. He is Very Stubborn when he has his mind made up about something.

Oh well, since the day he was born we have always had an easy time getting him to sleep so if we have to truck through a phase of actually having to work at it, we'll live. Or so I say now... we'll see how I feel if this is still going on in a few weeks:)

Besides the going to bed drama, he's been a sweet, FUNNY guy. Oh my, every day he learns a new word. All of a sudden his language has exploded. He's also telling "jokes." Like "doggy. meow! meow! meow! hahahahaha." Or telling me "bye-bye daddy. bwahahahahahah" I don't always get them, but maybe I just don't have a sophisticated enough sense of humor? He also has been sleeping great, aside from the aforementioned issue. He wakes up between 5:30 and 6 (due to our work schedules), happily takes a nap from 9-11, then again from 2-4, then is asleep at 7:30 and the past few nights hasn't even woken once. So at least there's that... if he was having a hard time getting to sleep, then wouldn't STAY asleep... we'd be having words.  Or using duct-tape.

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