Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waterpark weekend

On Sunday, the company that Jerad's mom works for rented out the local water park for employees and their families so we got to spend the day playing! Jerad worked at the same company for about 2 years so we knew a lot of the people there and had fun catching up.

We timed it so that Marshall would get his morning nap first and be a well rested and happy kid... which of course meant that he decided sleep was for the weak and trucked through the whole day with no naps. Luckily he was having so much fun he didn't have time to be tired.

Playing in the kiddie pool:

Marshall had So Much Fun. He kept getting knocked under the water by waves and for the most part could have cared less. He went on some of the bigger little kid slides and would get flipped around about half way through, then at the bottom even though I was catching him there would be a minute where he'd go under water but he'd come up and run to the top to go again and again. He's already good about holding his breath under water, by next summer I'm sure he'll be swimming like a little fish!

Afternoon Snack:

You can tell in the pictures that his lips are a little purple. It was pretty cold. The sun was out for awhile, but most of the day was overcast and the water was chilly. After warming up a little we played in "The Lazy River" which is a big loop that goes around the park. I'm pretty sure that if Marshall had had a blanket and pacifier he would have gone to sleep :)

Wave Pool:

We left a little after 3 because it had started raining (totally random since it was 103 a few days before). I can't wait to go back next summer when Marshall is a little bigger, and I am a little less pregnant!

That night we got a babysitter and went to the down town pajama movie night at the theater. They were showing Jerad's all time favorite movie:

Jerad's parents came and it was so fun seeing the film in a theater with other people around to laugh at all the ridiculous parts.

Besides Sunday-Funday, we also spent the weekend painting the nursery and finishing some yard work projects. Yeay for good weekends!

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