Saturday, September 24, 2011

Avila Valley Barn

Friday we kidnapped Jerad from the office and all went to the Avila Valley Barn

Marshall got a kick out of all the animals, but wasn't quite brave enough to actually feed them.

We tried to take a few pictures, but he wasn't that into that either. He had spotted a tractor and all he wanted to do was go play on it.

He tried the pouty lip routine so we gave in and decided to go on a hayride to the U-pick apple and berry orchards.

 (seriously, where does he get this from?)

 (eyes only for the tractor)

We thought he'd LOVE the hayride, but in reality he was completely pissed. You see, his grandpa has a John Deere tractor that he gets to ride, and help drive... so he could not figure out why he didn't get to be the one to drive the tractor. When we got on the trailer, he kept pointing to the tractor saying "tra-car? pees?" (tractor? please?) over and over and trying to climb over to it. We ended up moving to the back of the trailer where he spent the entire ride looking like this:

Finally he decided to take his mind off of the horrible injustices of life and just chuck all the hay off instead.

So... all in all it probably wasn't the MOST fun-filled family trip we've gone on, but it was pretty freakin hilarious.

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KelBel said...

He is so edibly cute!