Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goals Update

Well, we didn't get as much done today as we'd hoped. Mostly because of this little monster:
 Seriously, how ridiculously cute is that? Its a hand-me-down from his cousin and I love having him wear it to sleep because the combo of the dino with crazy bed head in the morning cracks me up. Anyways, he's teething and I think going through a growth spurt and just being a little extra needy which slowed us down.

Oh well, at least he's cute!

Here's where we're at as of 9:30pm Saturday:

-Build outdoor play area for Marshall in the backyard.
We made really good progress on this one! Jerad built a beautiful wooden water table, we moved all the rocks from the backyard where the play area is going to be, had sand delivered, bought lumber to make a swing, and ordered a slide. Right now Jerad is setting the posts so we can build the fence tomorrow. We were going to build a sandbox but decided to just make the whole area sand so that we don't have to worry about shoes! Its not very big, about 12ftx11ft, but there should be enough room for the water table, swing, slide, his pool, a tee pee, and a comfy chair for me to lounge in.

I think the sand being delivered was the highlight of Marshall's day:

Okay, maybe Jerad's too:

 Jerad talked me onto not being cheap and springing for the "good stuff" instead of the rough sand. I think it'll be worth it. And now I can pretend like we're at the beach!

-Build shade structure for the dogs in the sideyard.
No progress here and I doubt we'll get to it this weekend:(

-Mow and weed-eat front yard, blow driveway and side walks, pull any weeds that have grown in the areas we've been working on. 

-Clear everything out of room that will be the nursery and set up the new furniture.
Nursery is almost cleaned out and I am chomping at the bit to arrange the furniture and start decorating!

-Find Marshall's infant diapers and clothes and get all googly over getting to use them soon then bawl my eyes out about how fast babies grow up (plus you know, see what we need for the new baby).

-Go through Marshall's clothes and pack away anything getting small and get out the next size shoes/clothes.
Done. This is how I know he's going through a growth spurt. All of a sudden most of his size 5 shoes are too small and I had to bust out a bunch of size 18 month clothes. As I pack my favorite things away I console myself by reminding myself that Miller will be able to use them soon.

-Organize pantry so that we can tell what's actually in there and stop buying things we already have.
Not only did we not do this, I went to the store and BOUGHT SOMETHING WE ALREADY HAD. Seriously, this needs to happen tomorrow.

-Put away the 10 loads of laundry I've been stuffing into the guestroom and pretending they don't exist <- sadly I'm not exaggerating this one.
I folded everything, put away about 8 loads, but I've washed 3 more and have probably 2 more to go. We make a ridiculous amount of laundry. Depending on what Jerad's doing at work he usually gets dirty so needs 2 outfits a day. So does Marshall. I wash 2-3 loads of diapers a week, 1-2 loads of sheets and towels, a few of clothes, then the random load of rugs/curtains/bedspreads/animal bedding. Its seriously out of control.

-Pretend to have some weird pregnancy aversion to vinegar and baking soda so that Jerad will clean the bathrooms.
Since Jerad is working into the night in the backyard I went ahead and cleaned a bathroom. One down, 2 to go. Remind me why I thought 3 bathrooms was such a great idea again?

We also all slept in till 8:30 (amazing), cooked a big family breakfast, and had an impromptu bbq at our friend's Dom and Taylor's house. So I'd call today a success.

At the minimum I'm hoping that Marshall's play area gets finished tomorrow (minus the slide that wont be here till Thursday and maybe the teepee), and we get the nursery set up. Then the boring stuff like the pantry and bathrooms.

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Christina said...

Seriously. I was going to ask you how you could possibly get all that done with a 16 month old running around. We got very very little of our to do list done today. Good job! Seems like a lot accomplished to me! (: