Friday, September 16, 2011

Goals for This Weekend:

-Build outdoor play area for Marshall in the backyard.
-Build shade structure for the dogs in the sideyard.
-Mow and weed-eat front yard, blow driveway and side walks, pull any weeds that have grown in the areas we've been working on. 
-Clear everything out of room that will be the nursery and set up the new furniture.
-Find Marshall's infant diapers and clothes and get all googly over getting to use them soon then bawl my eyes out about how fast babies grow up (plus you know, see what we need for the new baby).
-Go through Marshall's clothes and pack away anything getting small and get out the next size shoes/clothes.
-Organize pantry so that we can tell what's actually in there and stop buying things we already have.
-Put away the 10 loads of laundry I've been stuffing into the guestroom and pretending they don't exist <- sadly I'm not exaggerating this one.
-Pretend to have some weird pregnancy aversion to vinegar and baking soda so that Jerad will clean the bathrooms.

I thought maybe if I wrote this list down and put it out there I'd try harder to make sure it happens. So, there you have it. This weekend's goals.

Plan B is:
Sleep in
Take a nap every day
Indulge in dessert every night
Go to bed early

Luckily/sadly there is a way better chance of the first list happening!

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