Thursday, September 8, 2011

What we've been up to.

How cute is Marshall in his little working man outfit? He's been doing a lot of 'helping' this last week and needed to be properly attired. Carhartt coveralls and work boots it is!

Jerad has been home for 5 days in a row now. That's the longest in over a month! It looks like he's going to be here for another week or two. Crazy. The last week has been so productive, can we please have holiday weekends more often? Its amazing how much we can get done as a team. The garage is almost completely organized -- which is saying a lot. Its a 3 car garage and we have a TON of stuff. Jerad could probably open a hardware store and I a craft store. We have enough camping gear to take 6 families camping easily.

We did a bunch of front yard cleanup which has needed to be done since we bought the house almost 4 months ago. Seriously... it was getting scary. I think there were a few weeds taller than me! The previous owners had this lame er, totally awesome area of tiny rocks in front of the house that we decided to revamp. Jerad removed the rocks, jack-hammered out the concrete and clay that was under them, built a form, and replaced the rock area with a more appealing planter situation. We repaired pipes, sprinklers and valves so that our lawn will hopefully stay green without having to be hand watered, put some of our patio furniture on the porch, planted new flowers, and I pulled 2 giant trash cans of weeds from between the rocks in the front of the yard. In 103 degree weather. While pregnant. Which was less than awesome. Plus Jerad did the normal mowing, weed whacking, and blowing. Everything looks much better but for the amount of work and time we put in I'm not 100% sure it was worth it... but it will hold us over until next year when we do the big landscaping projects.

We finished buying furniture for the nursery, painted the crib and dresser, and I'm thinking we should be finished by this weekend. Jerad replaced the shower head in our bathroom, and the shower head and bath faucets in Marshall's bathroom. We prepared a bunch of freezer meals so I'll have an easier time making dinner when he's gone.

On top of that still managed to squeeze in park trips, dog training, tickle time, evening walks, a babyshower, bbq with family, and dinner with friends.

Productive weeks rock! Hopefully we can keep up the momentum over the next few weeks and we might finally be able to have that house warming party.

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