Friday, September 23, 2011


So... we're considering re-financing our house. Rates are at insane record breaking lows right now... 3.75% for a 30 year re-fi! The bank we used is offering a credit towards some of the closing costs. When we bought we got a 4.75% rate which we thought was great at the time. Is it insane to be thinking about doing this when we haven't even made our 4th mortgage payment yet? I dunno. I really don't want to go through all the hassle again, but our broker swears that a re-fi is a lot more painless than buying PLUS we qualify for a streamline refinance which is supposedly less paperwork and no appraisal. I guess we'll look at the numbers and see if its worth it and how far away the break even point would be. I'm really happy with our rate but if we end up being in this house for a long time we could save a serious amount of money. Or be able to pay it off much sooner. But gah, the paperwork! My hand just recovered from signing all our closing documents 4 months ago.

Instead of thinking about that, I'm shopping for shoes for Marshall on ebay. All of  a sudden he's outgrown almost all his size 5's which is a huge bummer because he had some really stylin shoes. I went out and bought him a bunch of super thin cheap socks hoping to be able to squeeze his feet in my favorite pairs of shoes for awhile longer but its not working. I used to think boys clothes were lame, but it turns out they're freakin adorable! Even more so when paired with cute shoes. And hats. All boys should wear hats.

Buying kids shoes however is super lame. They are a million dollars and fit for like 2 minutes. All the cute ones are sort of a pain to put on. I should just buy him a pair of kids crocs and call it good. Yeah right.... have you seen baby converse? Toddler cowboy boots? Oh dear I just discovered toddler John Deere Wellington's:

What, you don't think every 16 month old needs $95 leather steal shank boots with Goodyear welt construction? Hello, what if he stepped on a nail? Totally necessary. Seriously though... they are pretty cute. And Jerad does love John Deere... Even though I could never justify that much (or half that much) on a pair of toddler shoes, whenever I am shopping for Marshall now I do cut the price in half in my head. Like "well, Miller will get to wear/use this too so really its like I'm saving 50%." I have a feeling that isn't the best logic. But it is kind of true. I'm planning on having at least 4 more boys so REALLY the clothes will pay for themselves so many times over its like they're free. When you figure in inflation, its like me shopping now is actually making us money in the future!

Yeah, Jerad doesn't buy it either.

I hate ebay. I prefer to buy things used when I can, and I'm all over the good prices, but bidding drives me insane. I'm fairly competitive so I start taking it all personally when I get outbid which makes me bid higher, and in the end I don't think I'm actually saving anything. I wish everything had a buy it now price. 

So naked Marshall just walked up to me and handed me his diaper. Little weirdo. He's taken off the velcro cloth diapers before if I put him down for a nap with no pants over them, but never just randomly while playing. I guess I need to make a note to self: only diapers with snaps unless he's wearing something over them. How much you wanna bet that I'll disregard that and next time he brings me a diaper there's a mess to go along with it?

As much as I love dressing him in cute clothes, he loves just being naked. Little killjoy.

Speaking of being a killjoy, bedtime was drama again tonight (we've done the dinner and bath routine since he brought the diaper). Last night after the movie he fell right to sleep then slept straight through until 7:30 this morning (cue angels singing). Both naps were great and uneventful, and we worked really hard at tiring him out so that bedtime would be smooth too. We went to the Avilla Valley Barn, petted the animals, did a hayride, played in the sand at home, went on a walk... still drama.

I think the problem is that its now dark at his 7:30 bedtime. He's used to playing before he goes to sleep and its so dark that he can't really. He has a nightlight but its pretty dim. Tomorrow I think I'll try putting him down at 6:30 and see how that goes.

Whatever happens I get to deal with it solo. Jerad is taking a guys trip to Anaheim this weekend. They're leaving at 5:45 tomorrow morning, and getting on the train which I guess has a station in the Angels parking lot. They're seeing a night game tomorrow, spending the night, seeing an afternoon game the next day, then taking the train back home Sunday night. He is going to have a BLAST! Knowing Jerad he'll have even more fun riding the train than he will watching the games:) He's going with 3 coworkers and his brother (who also works with him sometimes).

In the meantime, Marshall and I are having a little "stay-cation." We have a hot date at the zoo, a birthday party, and plans to nap as much as possible. I think we'll make an apple pie with the apples we picked at the Barn today too. I have one of those apple peelers where you crank the handle and I have a feeling he's going to LOVE it. I'll do the crust in the food processor and let him press the buttons and I'm sure he'll think he's in heaven.

Alright, I've officially rambled long enough for it to be too late to worry about re-fi paperwork tonight. Whoops :)

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