Monday, September 19, 2011

Goals completed

-Build outdoor play area for Marshall in the backyard.
Mostly done!
Bazillion little rocks  (like 2 yards worth) moved and cement-like dirt dug out.
Wooden frame built to keep the sand in.
3 yards of sand delivered and wheelbarrow-ed over. 
Fence built (but not painted) to keep Marshall in/dogs out.
Little swing built (soooo cute), and primed but not painted.
Sand table built.
Slide ordered and arriving Thursday
Tee-pee making stuff purchased.

-Build shade structure for the dogs in the sideyard.
Nope, but one day:) They do have lots of places that get shaded so it isn't a huge priority.

-Mow and weed-eat front yard, blow driveway and side walks, pull any weeds that have grown in the areas we've been working on. 

-Clear everything out of room that will be the nursery and set up the new furniture.
Cleared out, but when we started setting up we realized that the crib needed one more coat of paint so we didn't finish. We finished painting the crib and should be able to set up furniture tonight? I haven't been able to find any curtains or sheets that I like so I guess we'll (meaning Jerad) be sweing them.

-Find Marshall's infant diapers and clothes and get all googly over getting to use them soon then bawl my eyes out about how fast babies grow up (plus you know, see what we need for the new baby).
Check. Are newborn babies really that small? I mean, Marshall was over 8 lbs so not even a "small" baby and I look at his newborn things and can't remember him ever being that tiny. Wild.

-Go through Marshall's clothes and pack away anything getting small and get out the next size shoes/clothes.

-Organize pantry so that we can tell what's actually in there and stop buying things we already have.
Lets just pretend this happened.

-Put away the 10 loads of laundry I've been stuffing into the guestroom and pretending they don't exist <- sadly I'm not exaggerating this one.
Done! Plus the 4 loads I washed over the weekend. The only laundry thats left are the sheets I took off of our bed when I changed them last night.

-Pretend to have some weird pregnancy aversion to vinegar and baking soda so that Jerad will clean the bathrooms.
I cleaned 2 and decided to skip Marshall's. I clean the toilet bowls twice a week, then the whole bathroom once a week so they really are never dirty... I just have this mental thing about needing to start the new week with all bathrooms cleaned, sheets changed, floors vacuumed and mopped, and refrigerator cleaned. Someone told me that would change after I had a baby. They LIED.

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