Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting closer

One by one things are getting checked off of our seemingly never ending to-do list.

Saturday we spent some more time working on the nursery, took our dogs on a joy ride and let them run around a few hours, then spent the evening celebrating Dom's birthday and her and Tay's new house.

Sunday we woke up early and went out to brunch. The nice weather (finally!) inspired us to be extra productive. Jerad went through our back yard, shed, and basement and got together an entire trailer of stuff to take to the dump. Plus he took off our shower doors in the hall bath which have been driving us crazy since we started taking long bubble baths a few weeks ago.

While he was working on that, I ran all over the county looking for the perfect shower curtain and some new towels to freshen up the bathroom.

We painted it lavender a few months ago:

Since the weather was so nice I opted to drive to the landfill with Jerad. BTW, our little dump is really nice! There are cows, and wild flowers, and a killer view. Once you get past the trash part that is.

(all the stuff we got rid of)

(part of the purdy view)

We took the box springs to the dump, and laid our mattress on the floor until the new one arrives. I told Jerad I feel poor. No bed frame, no box spring, no headboard... just a mattress on the floor. We're like struggling college students :)

(we painted this room a few months ago too)

When we got back we worked on painting the nursery furniture:

Its all going to be orange.

For dinner we (aka Jerad) made adobo seasoned chicken tacos, mmmmmm, and then he presented me with this lil surprise:

Homemade brownies, chocolate tofu "ice cream," whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. I asked him how many calories were in it and he assured me only 50. Usually I have peaches which have 80 calories so I should totally switch to this new delight, its bigger AND less cals! All joking aside tho *slurp.*

Edited to add: Jerad wanted me to mention that he also made homemade spanish rice with "seasoned with adobo, cumin, and sauteed onions." Because he's cute and humble like that. Seriously though, I am super spoiled that he's taken over cooking. AND kitchen cleaning (at least for tonight:)

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