Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like...


Here is where we're at:

There are still a ton of odds and ends and gifts to put away (plus 2 more baby showers!), but most of the big pieces are in. The only other piece of furniture is a dresser that Jerad is painting as I type this. It was my mom's as a kid, then mine, and now will be baby Hutch's. Tomorrow we are taking a road trip to Ikea and might pick up some sort shelf for books and toys.

Mmk, how cute is this little guy?

Weirdest impulse purchase I have ever made. I don't usually like this kind of thing. But seriously, he is adorable. I was at Mollywogs in Templeton buying some wool diaper covers and he was sitting forgotten tucked under the rack by the register. I just had to take him home!

So, that's where we're at. Most of the artwork I ordered has come in, it just needs to be framed. Tomorrow at Ikea we'll look for a rug and curtains, then just a few more finishing touches and we'll be finished!

I'm happy with how its turning out. Its just what we wanted, not too "baby," but still bright and cheerful.

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Sarah Griffin said...

adorable!!! i love it. :) looks like you are ready whenever baby is.