Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extended weekend

My weekend started a little early thanks to my lsm Beth having a birthday. I can't believe its already been a year since her last birthday! This year we went out to Sushi. The food was so good, I was justthisclose to going back the next day:)

Beth, thanks so much for being born and giving me an excuse to eat sushi and cake.

Me and Kari. She's due with a little boy 3 weeks after me!
I love Kari because she gives me all of her maternity pants that are too short:)
btw I'm totally wearing heels in this pic. sad.

Friday I attempted to be productive and clean the house. But its pretty impossible with lumber everywhere and everything shoved into the wrong rooms while we are working on the nursery. So, basically I walked around for a few hours moving things from one room to another before deciding to just screw it and shut the blinds so no one could see our filth.

The crib and changing table are in the back bathroom. You have to sit on the toilet sideways to be able to use it. The strollers are in our room piled with laundry I haven't put away. Our new mattress isn't here yet so we still have a love nest on the floor. The guest room has every gift we have received so far, the dresser that will be going in the nursery, the TV that was in our living room that needs to be sold, and basically anything else that I didn't feel like dealing with. You can't shut the door, and you can't even walk in the room. Its even worse than it was when we were redoing the back of the house.

The hallway has lumber and a huge tote of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS that just got taken down and haven't been put away yet. The living room has huge sheets of wood, power tools, other lumber and the desk that will be going into the guest room once there's room for it. Plus all of the baseboards that we ripped out are scattered on the floor with nails poking out. Obviously we need to work on our child-proofing skills. The kitchen hallway/mudroom is full of caulking tubes and paint (10 gallons between all the various colors/finishes).

I was going to post pictures but I am waaaay too embarrassed. Basically a literal nightmare for a neat-freak like me.

However, if I need a clean space to relax in there is the hall bathroom and laundry room which I have been cleaning religiously. Including washing the walls/floors/and ceilings a few times a week. I just need control over SOMETHING in the house :) Lately I take lots of baths and wash a lot of laundry. Except I don't put the laundry away so the cycle of mess continues...

Saturday I woke up with a crazy back ache (um, maybe from cleaning the floors/ceilings/walls?) and my leg was killing me from having muscle spasms during the night. My peach of a husband suggested that I go get a massage while he worked on the nursery so that I wouldn't be crippled at the baby shower on Sunday. After that heavenly treat I ran around for most of the afternoon picking up things for Jerad that he needed to finish the paneling. I used to HATE running errands like that, but lately I love it. If I'm driving in the car it means I'm not standing on my feet or having to bend over to pick up stuff right? He loves it too because I no longer get snarky when I have to go to OSH three times in a row because he can not for the life of him write a complete list. Win-win.

Saturday night we went to the NRA dinner/auction. Jerad had really really wanted to go and my job bought a table there so I decided to sign up to see if I could win tickets. I did! Which was extra awesome because they are usually $50/ea. Mo's catered the dinner and there were a million different contests, games, and raffles. I think they gave away over 100 guns. We didn't win anything at the dinner, but had a great time! Did you know that our little Paso Friends of the NRA club is in the top 10 as far as earnings for the whole country? And is #1 in California which is overall the highest ranking state? That means that we beat out cities like Dallas Ft. Worth, Denver... pretty impressive! There were a million people there, I guess I can see how.

Since we were still in the mood of celebrating our Second Amendment rights, Sunday morning we met up with Beth and Tyson and fam, Joey, Larry and his dad, and my dad and uncle and went target shooting on my parents property.

Beth got to shoot her first gun, and Jerad said he had the most fun he's ever had in his life.

Beth, Anabelle and I left from there to go to my baby shower.

I'll post more about that later, but it was so much fun!!! My mom and sisters threw it for me and everything was amazing. There were over 35 people! It was almost overwhelming:) My friend Liz came all the way from Long Beach (or Laguna Beach? I get confused...)!!!

I also learned that one of our really close family friends had all three of her kids at home, so she gave me a few tips.

Sunday night Jerad and I went back through the [enourmous pile of] gifts and looked at everything, re-read all of the books, and organized the clothes. We are so blessed to have such generous and loving families and friends! Our little boy is going to grow up in a great community. Aight, enough mush for now.

Monday morning when the alarm went off at 6am we both looked at each other and decided 'HELL NO." There was no way were we going to work. I guess my body just can't keep up with all the fun any more and Jerad was beyond tired. So.... we both called out and went back to sleep. And woke up at *11am* wow. I guess we really were beat!

We spent the day finishing the nursery paneling and prepping it with spackle, wood filler, and caulking so that we can paint this week. Because the paneling got finished, I was able to clean up a bunch of the house. The kitchen, living room, laundry room, and front bathroom are all spick and span. You could lick the floors. Plus the nursery is all cleared out and vaccumed. We're getting there people! If I just get the hallway picked up and mopped I could close the doors to our room and guest room and pretend the whole house was clean:)

Tonight our doulie (what we started calling our doula for some reason) came over for a meeting, she is so excited that we're doing a homebirth! Since she is also a photographer, we scheduled a date to take maternity pics (March 28th), and one last appointment before the birth. She is going to read up on hypnobabies and practice the relaxation techniques with us that we've been working on.

After she left we went out to dinner and ice cream, and I worked on our room a little bit. Our new mattress is arriving on Friday and I would be a little embarrased for the delivery guys to have to move strollers full of laundry to be able to set it up:)

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liz oelker said...

man you've been blogging alot. i gotta take a day to catch up lol. but thanks for making a girl feel special posting about me :) I was so glad I could make it! such a special time. i can't wait til the next time when you'll be holding that little bundle of joy :) oh and yeah long beach, but laguna beach works-close enough and everything got to me even if it did say laguna beach :)