Friday, March 19, 2010

Where we're at

I have been so stressed about this weekend. We had a million things going on and I felt like NO time to do them. I prayed that God would help me simmer the heck down and be able to handle everything. One by one every issue has resolved! People started calling about all the stuff we had for sale on Craigslist which freed up SO MUCH room in our house! I don't feel so claustrophic now. Our block is having a yard sale in a few weeks which gets me off the hook of trying to do one myself tomorrow. Jerad's family offered to come over and help so the painting got finished. My afternoon appointment got canceled so I had some time to sit out in the sun with a book and RELAX which I really needed. Then I found out that the first midwife practice that I was going to is refunding us $450 that I "overpayed." God is good.

So, last night Jerad's parents came over. I made corned beef for dinner, roasted potatoes, salad, and beer bread. Thats not the good part though. This is:

Jerad and his dad finished painting all of the paneling and the walls! We also compromised on a color one shade lighter than the one that I thought was too dark:

(first color)

(second color)

I think it was a good compromise, its still a bold color which is what Jerad wanted, but doesn't feel like a cave which is what I was scared of.

Tonight we are going over to dinner at some new friend's house. They have had 7 kids, 5 of them were unassisted home births! Which reminds me, I should stop blogging and bake the apple pie I wanted to bring.

After we get home tonight we can put the furniture in the baby room and it will start feeling like a nursery.

I also heard on the radio that OSH is having 25% off of plants this weekend. Now that I'm free maybe I can get that garden started?

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