Friday, March 5, 2010

32 weeks

32 weeks!

We had another midwife appointment. Now that they're only 2 weeks apart it really feels like time is flying!

Baby's heartbeat was 140, mama's blood pressure was great, no proteins or glucose in urine. So, nothing too exciting to report.

On the way to the appointment I begged Jerad to think of a question because she asks us every time "any questions/concerns?" and I feel like we should be wondering about SOMETHING by this point. The only thing we came up with is "how early can we still deliver at home?" 37 weeks but if its within a few days of that then it'll still be a go. I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to be massively overdue before I go into labor so no worries there.

The midwife made the comment that we do not seem like first time parents because we're so laid back, never call her freaking out about anything, and are already informed about the risks/benefits for the different procedures and tests. Oh well it could be worse I guess! I think one of the main reasons is that we have spent the last 2 years reading everything we could get our hands on about natural birth. We went into this prepared instead of only having a few months to make all of these decisions and feel like we were cramming for a test.

I keep wondering if since this pregnancy has been so easy, any subsequent pregnancies will majorly suck. Or if we'll have an uber demanding baby. Lets hope not! There has to be some punishment for no morning sickness, and being 5 weeks into the third trimester and still sleeping like a baby right?

Jerad just called me on his lunch break to tell me that he met a guy at work that just had a baby on Tuesday. It was his and his wife's 7th child, and the 5th born at home. They spent over an hour talking about everything from naturopathy, home births, homeopathics to cleaners and mattresses. I'm so glad that he is meeting more guys and making friends that he can talk to about this stuff! We are both so blessed to surrounded by so many people that either have the same views as we do, or that have/had/are having babies. We have an awesome community of friends.

I'm in the middle of washing our crib bedding because I *think* we will be able to set up the crib this weekend in our finished nursery!!! Then again, I say that every week. Whatev, its good to have goals right? Sunday is also the first baby shower. I'm super excited. I have an idea about what they are doing, but I haven't been involved in any of the planning so it will be a surprise. Yeay!

While I'm sipping punch with the ladies, the boys are going shooting. We talked about the idea of having a co-ed shower but Jerad was way more into the idea of "man time." So during this shower he's going shooting, and during the next (we are so fortunate!) one of his friends is having another boy bash.

Well, I guess I should turn off the computer and get back to my disaster of a house. Its too bad we don't use chemical based cleaners so I could have an excuse not to clean. Hindsight is 20/20. Oh well, at least the sunshine is out. If it keeps up tomorrow I'm starting my garden.

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