Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wonderland

My husband is a manly man in many ways. He frequently comes home covered in drywall dust, axle grease, pipe glue, welding spatter and other similar substances. Sidenote: learn to have work clothes, and non work clothes Jerad! Gah!!! I frequently am grumbling about power tools being left about and him using our good kitchen sponges to clean the lawnmower. BUT, if there is anything I want done, he can do it. Move walls, fix my car, fix a slow draining sink, you get the jist. Usually when I show him something I want to buy his response is "I could make that."

Then he has this other side. The one that knits. And sews. And has to have his own bodywash because he likes only vanilla coconut scent. He likes his baths with bubbles, loves to bake, and can clean a bathroom with the best of them. Instead of calling this side "girly," I like to say "well rounded."

Well, me and my well rounded guy took a little mini road trip yesterday. We slept in a little, then headed to Touch of Paso for a huge breakfast around 8am. After that we got in the car and went north to Palo Alto to go to:

kiiiind of the best place on earth! Honestly, most of the stuff isn't my style, and feels "cheap" but its always an experience never the less. For the baby room we got:

The dresser is the same brown/black as the little book shelf. We also picked up a new cheese grader, cutting board, and whisk. It took FOREVER. Mostly because Jerad does stuff like compares how big the groove for catching juices is on the different cutting boards and wants to get the one that is easiest on the knives. I'm more like "dude... its just a piece of wood." but, I have a husband who is happy to littereally spend an entire day doing nothing but shopping with me, so I can live with the pickyness.

We finally left and decided to stop here on our way back:

We had planned on going there for Valentine's but didn't make it so now was the chance to make it up. One bloomin onion and 2 steak dinners later (eh, if you're gonna cheat go big), we were stuffed. There is a Babies R Us in the same plaza and we decided to check it out since there are none close to us. Basically, having a baby has opened all sorts of new stores to us. Like the children's section at Ikea! Then again I am both cheap AND picky so its not thaaaaat exciting:) We wandered around a little bit and left with a giraffe skin looking changing table cover.

Jerad has become obsessed with giraffes for the baby. He wanted a whole giraffe room which was voted down, we compromised that a few "accents" would be okay. The other things he really wanted in a baby room were orange, dark blue, vintage ford or plane stuff. None of that really screams large jungle creature to me. Anyways, the changing pad cover is cute and I did manage to dissuade him from the fluffy giraffe mobile, switch plate, drawer pulls, airplane/tow truck/boat bedding, and lamp.

We drove home from Salinas and set everything up. It already looks like a completely different baby room! As soon as we hang the wall shelf and curtains tonight, I'll post pictures. The only thing left to do is have the art we bought framed and hung, then put away the gifts from the upcoming showers.

I have no transition for this, but I almost forgot about our Friday dinner.

We went to have dinner with a guy and his family that Jerad met at work. The guy is an outside contractor, so they aren't coworkers or anything. When they met they somehow started talking about homebirths, organic food, homeopathy and decided to be bff's. The guy and his wife live in Paso and have 7 kids, 5 of which were born unassisted at home.

I baked a ginormous apple pie and we headed over there. They live a little way's out of town on a big lot with a bunch of goats and chickens. We got to feed the baby 3 weeks old goats bottles, milk the big goats, and meet the fam. Their kids were soooo well behaved. Seriously. 7 kids, ranging from 3 weeks old to 8 and they were a dream. We had a great dinner. So, that was the good part.

Before dinner he asked if we minded if he prayed. We said of course not. He prayed then afterwards asked if we were believers. Annnnnd it all got weird from there. He asked where we went to church and we told him nowhere at the moment. When he pressed why and found out that it was because we were disillusioned with the way churches opperate now (to say the least) and don't feel like that's how it should be, lo and behold him and his wife were having all the same issues. Instead of it being one more thing that we have in common, it turned into a three hour discussion (and by discussion I mean him talking:) about all these different issues, getting out his Bible to read certain passages, and giving us a Bible to follow along in. We ended the evening with a 30 minute prayer. At 10:30pm.

It was just... awkward to say the least. Not because we prayed or read the Bible... just the whole thing. Both of our families are questioning and think that there is a better way, but in totally different ways. I think he is the type that wants an answer for EVERYTHING, and gets frustrated that that's not really possible. Jerad and I are more in the mindset of "united on the few, divided on the many." There are key elements that I think are integral to the Christian faith, but so many smaller issues and differing opinions that I honestly do.not.think.matter. If there was a 100% right way to do things, someone would have hopefully figured it out by now right? I don't want this to get all heavy so I'm not going to get into it, but it was just kiiiinda awkward to have a study sesh with basically strangers when all I planned for is dinner:)

We had tons of fun though, they seem like a super nice family and I got to hold baybee goats!!! Maybe next time we can solve the countries debt problem and come up with a solution for the off shore oil drilling debate? Jk.

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