Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleeping in, swelling, spending time together

Today when my alarm clock went off I kept snoozing it. I finally got out of bed at 6:15 then managed to take a shower, lay in bed for another 15 minutes, get dressed, comb my hair (its a pony tail day), moisturize, pack a lunch, stop at the bagel shop on the way to work, and be at my desk by 7:03.

Jerad didn't even get out of bed until after I was finished showering and he still got ready, let out and fed the dogs, let them back in, packed a lunch, put out the trash cans on the street, and left before I did. Then again he has a slightly longer drive to work so he was probably a few min late. Sucker.

I'm thinking we might not be able to keep up that routine after the baby gets here? Hmmmm.....


At my last midwife appointment she made the comment that it was great I wasn't swelling at all, especially considering I sit at a desk for so long.

Then last weekend at Taylor and Dom's party numerous people told me "you don't even look swollen!" "you're not puffy!" "you haven't started swelling yet?"and stuff like that. Probably at least 4 people. Its true, I can still wear my wedding ring, my heels all fit me, and I've had the same toe ring on for almost 3 years now.

That night I freaked out that maybe I WAS going to swell all up like a balloon and my toe ring was going to cut off my circulation and I wouldn't be able to get it off. I seriously got scared about this (which is really really out of character for me). I tried to loosen it, but it was hard since it was tightened all the way I couldn't really get a good grip. Luckily Jerad saved the day and I managed to hide how freaked I really was.


One of the things on our to-do list is to go on a little romantic weekend getaway together before the baby comes. We usually do this a few times a year, but it was extra important to make it a priority this year before our lives change and its not so easy for us to jet off whenever we feel the urge.

Last year about this time we went to San Diego and had all sorts of fun along the way. So, we were thinking about doing the same thing this year. Then we thought about going up north instead. The drive would be shorter, and we could try something new. Maybe stay in a Bed and Breakfast, and take a trip on the train through the redwoods, and just pal around. The more we talked about it the more I was forced to realize that at 36 weeks prego I miiiiight not feel like long car rides, hiking, and long train/boat rides. So we started looking into options closer to home and planning a more relaxing getaway. Our cute little county has a ton of stuff to do!

We are either going to stay at

Sycamore Mineral Springs:

The Inn at Morro Bay:

San Luis Bay Inn:

The Cliffs Resort:

The main requirement is a hot tub on the balcony!

We can sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and be general lazies. We have gift certificates for massages at La Bonne Vie Spa for massages.

We'll visit Happy Acres Goat Farm and pet the goats and get some cheese. Then we can go to Green Acres Lavender Farm and get some fresh lavender and lotion. We'll rent an electric boat in Morro Bay and have a picnic lunch on the water. Sunday we can finish off the vacation love with The Cliff's amazing brunch then spend the day at Avilla Beach (if the weather is nice).

Suddenly "staying home" instead of "traveling" doesn't sound too bad at all!


So lots of good news there -- so far no swelling (yeay!), and if I do turn into the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, my toes can puff up without my toe ring cutting them off. Phew:) Maybe Jerad and I can change careers to be goat farmers or lavender whisperers?

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